Allah also planned for my depression

Since yesterday, after having a chat with my family regarding few circumstances and may be because of my marriage, I got a little depressed. I tried not to give it attention, but I think after a long time satan got a grip on my psychology. The thing I want to share tonight is how Allah planned this depression for me and how He planned showing me the clues to solution….and a lesson.
So, I was depressed today. Everyday, while I go my office, I listen to morning supplications in my car and try to memorize them slowly (laziest way of learning I guess). With the knowledge of arabic I have, I could understand the meaning of this supplication

حسبي الله لا إله إلا هو عليه توكلت وهو رب العرش العظيم

(Hasbiyallahu la ilaha illa hua alyhi tawakkaltu wahuwa rabbul arshil azeem)

but the word “حسبي اللهHasbiyallah” was not in my vocab. Because I understood the meaning of the rest, the whole supplication was resounding in my brain today; I don’t know why. Later, during my lunch I asked my friend who happens to be a translator, he said “حسبHasb” infers “enough/sufficient” and “حسبي اللهHasbiAlla” roughly means “Sufficient for me is Allah” and suddenly like a puzzle set done, the whole supplication meant something to me. The message suddenly I got was that Allah is enough for me to have expectations. I need not expect anything from anybody and get depressed. Since that moment, as I repeated the supplication, it gave me huge packs of relief as I took Allah’s side and relied upon Him and strongly believed that He is enough for me; yes, He is sufficient for me in all worldly matters.
To add to this strength, Sheikh Kamil Ahmad (a TA in BAIS and also a very knowledgeable person) who I added on my facebook just a day ago, shared a video which so much directly was talking to me.

(I would suggest people, and me, when depressed should watch this video which has a big cushion of relief and a strong push towards strengthening faith)
Then, I realized how Allah knew He was going to depress me, and for that I was made to memorize the supplication a day before, add Br. Kamil two days before and listen to Sheikh Muhammad Bin Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Ash-Shinqitee about facing distress and depression and how to depending on Allah realizing His presence and protection on the day of test. Subhanallah, it was like solutions given in advance for situations to be subjected  :-)

I don’t want to delay sharing this series of incidents happened happened in less than 24 hrs because I want others to know that Allah is the One who takes the test and He is the One who supports us. The only thing we need to do is to not wander here and there, rather hold his rope and ask Him the answers (and maintain a good company)

Alhamdu lillahi rabbil alameen wassalaatu wassalam ala rasoolullah

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